Ghost Dogs: Sculptures by Samuelle Richardson

Credit: Martin Cox
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Created by Naila Scargill

[26.01.19] Inspired by the wild dogs LA artist Samuelle Richardson encountered on a trip to Africa, Ghost Dogs ignites our subconscious fears of predatory creatures. For Richardson, these animals capture the human imagination because of our fascination for the dangerous beauty of untamed realms. She believes that our passion is aroused by things that can kill us because of our genetic memory of close encounters with our disquieting vulnerability.

The artist draws on her background in the fashion industry to create sculptures from recycled fabric and found wood to invite both fear and fascination. Her work conveys a dichotomy between savage and benign as the structures come together with opposing qualities: gnarled and rough wood is paired with the crush and pull of fabric as it relates to skin over bone and attention is given to craft while embracing flaws in the material. 

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Richardson’s process involves researching scores of pictures to find those that highlight the animal’s expression and movement. Each structure begins with attention to the skeleton and muscle groups emphasising the asymmetry of the form. As she works with the pictures in front of her, she strives to create a sense of believability rather than realism, knowing that new information will lead to discovery. 

Ghost Dogs is on display at MOAH Lancaster from 26 January – 21 April

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