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About Trebuchet

Honest and Unmerciful.

What do you want to think? What you read makes you what you are. Sounds a bit strident we know, but we believe it.

Looking around, a lot of the writing on art, culture, music, and politics seems to be coming from the same hymn sheet of careerist backslapping and uncritical thought. Come on people, let’s bring some real ecstatic petulance, atavistic joy and just plain old inspiring writing back into mix.

About Trebuchet

Trebuchet is about the joy of discovery, the energy of creation and the recognition that comes from being good.

Trebuchet’s writers are university lecturers, record label owners, gallery curators, professional journalists, avid readers and you. We’re here for anyone who wants to look under the hood of culture, check the points and plugs, and take it for a spin in any direction home. This is deep play for the creative savage.

Have a look, get involved, get in contact.