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Trebuchet magazine

Secret wishes for Trebuchet Magazine?

“That we get even more self-confident and obtuse, more stubbornly intransigent in the face of dumbing-down; search engine optimisation; social network link-baiting, and all those peripheral but insistent distractions that ultimately dilute the impact of what is put on the page by our writers and photographers. Secret wish in a nutshell? That good writing will always be king.” – Sean Keenan

In Discipline and Punish Foucault wrote that:

” The formation of knowledge and the increase in power regularly reinforce another in a circular process… It was this link, proper to the technological systems, that made possible with the disciplinary element the formation of clinical medicine, psychiatry, child psychology, educational psychology, the rationalisation of labour. It is a double, then an; epistemological “thaw” through a refinement of power relations; a multiplication of the effects of power through the formation and accumulation of new forms of knowledge” (224)

In a real sense we hope that by arming our readers with enough knowledge they can peel back the curtain and take centre stage themselves.

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