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On the Trail With the Birthers and Orly Taitz (Part Three)

Lucas Daniel Smith purportedly walked out of the Coast Province General Hospital in Kenya with a certified copy of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate.


he Obama Special

It looked obvious enough to him when he walked through the streets. It was almost blatant. Everyone there treated the Democratic Nominee for President, Barack Obama, like he was family.

He would state later in one of his affidavits that, upon his arrival to Nairobi, he “was bombarded with questions in English” on his “feelings and opinions of a Kenyan governing the United States of America. “

The first day that he was there, he went to a restaurant where they were serving the “Obama special,” an offer which he declined before walking out and finding kids in the street wearing T-shirts with Obama’s big black smiling face looking out from the thin cotton.Obama

The kids swarmed around him looking for money from the white American, when a woman appeared within the diminutive mob. Her name was Rosemary. Over the din of children he could hear her invite him to her house. She was young, dark and beautiful, with that luminescent skin that so many Africans tend to have.

She approached him and asked him if he wanted to have sex with her for money.

Lucas looked at her among the outstretched hands of the children. He thought about the Obama t-shirts on the kids, and the Obama special in the restaurant. Then he thought about Rosemary’s offer, and decided that the dinosaur could wait, because “Inspector” Smith had a new case on his hands.

As he states, somewhat cryptically, in his 2011 affidavit, Lucas Smith sat on the prostitute’s bed, as she stepped out of the shower. She sat down beside him on her bed and asked him to tell her he loved her before the deal was made material.

Lucas sat in silence. She asked him again to tell her he loved her. Still nothing. Finally, she asked the man to say anything at all, that his silence scared her. That she needed to trust him.

His face screwed up in thought for a few more moments before he broke the silence.

“What was with this Obama thing?”

In his affidavit Lucas provides her answer thusly:

“She told me that if that is all that I really wanted that I could ask just about any Kenyan and that most, if they had an answer for me, would almost invariably give me the same answer: Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya. She was correct.”

(see Page 3, ¶ 8, of 2011 Affidavit)

Lucas called his friend again for more money. This time it wasn’t about the dinosaur in the Congo. It was about the birth certificate in the hospital in Mombasa.

His friend wired more. And Lucas traveled the 483 kilometers to Mombasa from Nairobi by train with the intent of sneaking into the hospital and procuring the document.

Though he doesn’t outline it clearly in any of the above-cited documents, Lucas told me exactly how he got into the hospital. After days of scouting the hospital in Mombasa, Lucas noticed that the same security guards that guarded the hospital worked for a firm that guarded many different establishments around town.

When Lucas saw a pretty Kenyan girl wearing the same uniform guarding a small bodega, he approached her and struck up a conversation, in spite of the AK 47 strapped casually around her shoulder. After briefly plying her about her trade, she let slip that she had a friend that also worked for the same security firm and that he was stationed at a hospital in town. Lucas abruptly asked her out.

Earlier in his 2011 affidavit Lucas pointed out that he “was a married man,” and that kept him from having sex with Rosemary, the prostitute.

He did not tell me that he ever slept with the security guard; rather, his relationship seemed platonic in nature. In all of the documents he filed, I couldn’t find one mention of this woman, which made me think he was hiding her existence from his wife in the Dominican Republic. This could easily mean that he slept with her, and that he didn’t want to tell his wife. But I can’t tell you for sure.

All I know is that Lucas was no James Bond.

Instead of fucking and eating pineapples out of each others’ groins all day on the beach, Lucas said they spent most of their collective time at the movies. There, under the flickering light spilling from the projector overhead they laughed, ate stale popcorn and eventually discussed the reason Lucas came to Kenya.

He told her that his sister, a Christian missionary, was last seen in Kenya where she disappeared. The family back home, in Cedar Rapids, was so worried they sent Lucas out to get her. They think she landed her Christian ass in the jail, or maybe even worse: the hospital.Che by Dan Booth

In his 2011 affidavit, Lucas would say he paid a series of bribes to get into the hospital. He listed the amounts in chronological order as $200, $500, and $5,000.00.

He does not say who he paid the 200 dollars to in the documents because to say that he paid a Kenyan woman he was dating 200 dollars to arrange a meeting with her guard friend to bribe him with 500 dollars to arrange a meeting with a doctor to bribe him or her with a few grand would mean that he would have to admit that he did in fact have a Kenyan “girlfriend” much to the chagrin of his wife in the Dominican Republic.

After accepting the 200 dollars, his girlfriend arranged a meeting with her friend guarding the hospital. Lucas approached the security guard, told him about his “sister,” before handing him $500.00. He was let in immediately.

He quickly approached several nurses, a doctor or two until he thought he found someone with the proper security clearance to help him.
It was only then that he dropped the lie about his sister and went through with the bribe.

In his Amicus brief from May, 2013 Lucas referred to this doctor interchangeably as “Mary, Merry OR Marry Othigo”. He did not remember or know what her name was for sure. He cited documents listing her under different spellings on file with the Kenyan government.

Her security clearance as a Chief Administrator at the hospital would allow her to obtain documents, thus making her right for his next bribe.

He leaned into the her ear and made an offer: Mary/Merry/Marry Othigo, would get 20 minutes. If she came back with a certified copy of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate within that time she would get $5,000.00 cash. And if she took any longer than that Lucas would leave Kenya as soon as time allowed.

Lucas figured that the 20 minute window would be too little time to come up with a forged document and also the maximum amount of time he could stand around being all white and American and alone. The Dr. nodded solemnly and walked away.

As Lucas waited in the hallway, it took every nerve in his body to resist running. As the sweat built on his brow he could see the pitch-black men outside with green-gloved hands on their guns. Lucas remembered that it felt much like the calm before a storm that never came.

On that day, February 19th, 2009, Lucas Daniel Smith purportedly walked out of the Coast Province General Hospital in Kenya with a certified copy of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate.

And by the summer of 2009, just months after his trip to Kenya, thousands of people were watching a YouTube video of Lucas Daniel Smith waving Barack Obama’s Coast Province General Hospital Kenyan birth certificate in the streets of the Dominican Republic, surrounded by natives speaking in a very localized kind of Spanish unheard of outside of the tiny island community.

And the video was made after he agreed to work with us and after he agreed to keep quiet until the September 2009 hearing where he would appear as an expert witness. Already he couldn’t be trusted; already we were set for disaster.

Illustration by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission. Obama image by Mike Price.

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