Dinowalrus: Best Behavior

Warrington’s Parr Hall saw the Stone Roses’ comeback gig just last Wednesday, playing a free concert for fans who could produce some physical merchandise-based evidence of their devotion. Rock and roll insurgence and resurgence are cyclical. 90s adverts for jeans slung Percy Sledge and Marvin Gaye onto the top of the singles charts some forty-plus years after their first release; Lana del Rey peddles wistful Americana-lite that sounds much like a Tammy Wynette 45 played at 33; the voracious reptilian urge of pop music to feast on its own flesh is as established as the tides. (read more)


UFOMammut: instinctual tones – interview.

With a name that combines the weighty presence of an extinct mammal and the fancy of controversial space vehicles expect herbal smoke tinged religious commentary, long hair, and unhurried music.

Unsurprising then that the latest album by UFOMammut, an Italian power trio formed in 1999, Opus Primum is one long jam of toasted psychedelic metal. (read more)

No Picture

Maz Totterdell: Sweep

Puppyskinner, nonce. What more? Elitist pseud, naysaying neverwas, pen-envious killjoy bubble-burster. Or, as Samuel Beckett worded his most venomous insult – 'CRITIC!'. For what or who else could fail to be moved to winsome paroxysms (read more)